The successful life of Victoria Beckham

Fabian posted on December 22, 2017 at 17:04

Everybody knows David Beckham who is a famous football player and his wife is also well famous. Victoria Beckham was from a sing team called Spice Girls, she dropped out of the team many years ago and focused on her fashion career. She not only has a happy family, but also owns the successful career.

Victoria has a big family. She has three boys and a girl. The three boys are as handsome as his father and the daughter is as beautiful as her. The big family catches the media’s attention, every time they go out for the activity, the media will shot many photos. Their news makes the world crazy about them.

Victoria also makes her fashion career so successful. Before she went to the fashion circle, no one would think about how she was good at it. She sets up her fashion branch and the celebrities like her design. Now her branch is welcomed by the world, she has proven herself.

As a mother and official lady, Victoria manages the family and the career so well. She sets the good example for the women.

A fire burned in the three original pawnshops, all the things that Zhou Ying want to check are burnt down, the sun treasurer disappeared. Two Lord did not expect the situation will be so, but listen to Zhou Ying said Sun Yongquan has been sent to stare. From her grasp of the situation, even if the grandson dispensers, he will not easily confess. So far, Zhou Ying learned from the second master and Sun Yongquan who knows the woman, already think of a solution.

Sun treasurer ran to a inn, but was claimed to help three life-span black people abducted, to the wilderness stopped. At this time, Sun Yongquan found that the two individuals to get rid of themselves, and repeatedly begged my hero for life. One of the "killer" is Zhou Laosi, who pretending to be surnamed Liu will pay for Sun Yongquan's life.
That year blooming moon is a still (Sun dispensers were "kidnapped")

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