How to respect and treat disabled people

Fabian posted on March 02, 2018 at 09:08

When we take the bus, it has been a rule that the seats are first preoccupied by the old, the disabled and the pregnant. Most people respect the rules, while some people are refused to do it, because they think there is no law to regulate that we must take the seat for others. The disabled people are special part, we should be considerate.

Disabled people are special part in the society. Comparing to the ordinary people, they look a little different, they don’t have the perfect outlook, which makes them distinct among the crowd. Such situation makes them very awkward, they don’t want people stare at them, they just want to be the ordinary one.

We should respect and take care of the disabled people. We should not treat them as the special ones, they are equal with us, though they don’t have the perfect outlook, in their hearts, they are just as tough as us. So we should not separate them, just make friends with them.

More and more people have realized the disabled people are ordinary, we should show our love and respect to them.

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