What to save literary films?

Fabian posted on March 06, 2018 at 21:02

Every year, the top selling films must belong to the commercial films. Indeed, commercial films catch the audience’s attention and they are willing to buy tickets. While the literary films win many reputation and awards in the filmfest, a lot of people are not willing to support this type of film in the theater. The save of literary film is in need of.

I like to see literary films so much. They are like my mentors, showing me the truth about life through the stories. It needs people’s patience to appreciate literary films, for they go on very slowly. So most audiences feel so bored to watch such movie, they would choose to see the commerical movies for the fighting and exciting scene.

To save the literary film, it is very important to promote the films. The media should give more attention and make ads about it. What’s more, the appreciation of this style of film needs the improvement of the literary attainment of the public.

On the birthday, Mrs. Wu came by appointment, and the second and fourth priests arrived. At the time when Three Master and Three Madame pleaded with Mrs. Wu, Zhao Baishi surrounded the yard with officers and soldiers. Three Lord saw his wife to be taken away, how are unwilling to cooperate. Two old man knows the matter is serious, asked what evidence. Sun Yongquan appeared, all the truth out.

At first, the third lady did not admit it, but it did not help at all. Three Master woke up, it came to understand that their loved one's life has always been to deceive the woman. All of the affections, affectionate moment has become a joke, ferocious irony with the warmth and dedication of the three classic heart. He lost all his coolness and plunged into the heart of the third lady with a fruit knife on the table.

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