Women demanded equal rights

Fabian posted on March 08, 2018 at 11:36

Recently, a women who was 27 worked in the finance company got fired because she refused to wear high heels. When the news was showed in the public, women in London felt angry about the company, for they never asked a man for so much. The problem of equality between men and women is brought to the public again.

Women are always thought to be the weak group. In the old days, women only could stay at home and be the housewife. They did not have the ability to make money, so it was the men’s job to raise the money. As the saying that no money, no talk, so the women should listen to the men and did as the men said.

But in the recent time, women have realized their ability, they have proven that they could do the things as the men do, their ability is as strong as the men. So they asked for the equal rights, such as the right to vote and the same pay as men. Now some changes have happened and women are respected. But there is still a long way to go.

The three ladies who get fortunate are momentarily out of breath, and can no longer say a word. Wu met in the mother burst into tears, but in the blink of an eye saw the three master also knife himself.

All the truth has been supercilious, Zhou Ying did not go to the birthday feast, but went to Wu Tomb. She crouched there for a long time, but also look like the past arena. Finally hired for revenge, but now no longer carefree when no longer go. That love engraved in the heart of Zhou Ying, Wu hired and children lost, but also born in that heart out of two wounds, has been bleeding for a pain. How many tears can not make the time back, shoulders also have the responsibility to carry, so she must be strong.
That year blooming moon is a stills (Zhou Ying crouched in front of Wu Tomb)

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