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Fabian posted on March 13, 2018 at 18:55

The movie American Captain is very popular around the world, many children treat the protagonist as their hero. The image of American Captain stands for America, he presents justice and peace to the world. While the newest series shows me a different opinion about this great man.

In the newest series American Captain, this great man still try to fight against the bad guys and maintain the world peace with his powerful team. While the problem comes during their missions, the team causes so many death and the loss of the public property. Then American Captain was asked to sign a deal to limit their movements but he refused.

I am always a big fan of these comic books, but the newest movie shows me the unacceptable idea of the great man. The responsibility should always come first for the hero, such as batman and superman, they treat the people’s lives in the first place. They will feel very guilty for causing the loss of the public property. So fighting for peace doesn’t mean the big man don’t have to consider the bad results he brings.

Listening to people's thanks, Shen Xing moved to know that they really want to thank people Zhou Ying. Even, even his own good thanks to Zhou Ying ideas, through the crisis. People spread, Shen Xing moved alone in the hospital wandering, or went to the room where Zhou Ying used to live. That woman always brings a lot of surprises and accidents, how to think back are fun.
That year blooming moon is still a movie still (Zhou Yun moved in the room before wandering)

Du Mingli was very angry about this incident. He questioned the officials under Baileye, even the officials of the Ministry of Punishments had no news. Although this incident came suddenly, but Beile Ye behind doing backing, his heart still bottom.

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