Breastfeeding in public places

Fabian posted on March 16, 2018 at 07:54

Not long time ago, a man complained about the mothers breastfeeding their babies in the bus. He thought it was a very impolited behavior to show the naked body in the public place. Soon this man’s words were criticized by women, for they supported the mothers to feed the babies freely.

It is known to all that mother is the greatest person in the world. they give us the life and take care us all the time. Some mothers even sacrifice their career and being a housewife, they focus all their attention in the family chores. A man would never know the women’s pain in having the babies. So they don’t have the right to make judgement.

It is the women’s right to breastfeed their babies in the public place, because the babies did not have the consciousness to stop crying, so the mothers must prepare to feed them anytime and anywhere. It is not easy to raise a kid, what the mothers do should be supported by the public. For everyone has such moment when they are small babies.

Zhou Ying finished farming, sitting on the ground to take care of their shoes and socks. She ran every day, did not pay attention to attitude, habitually returned to the past look. Mrs. Wu saw her and talked to her in the hope that the daughter-in-law would be a little less grandmother. But now the situation, everyone should be less grandmother, not to die? Zhou Ying understand this truth, she hopes her mother can understand. She just walked to the ground and sat down, saying no matter how good sitting and no help for grievances and money.

Mrs. Wu was speaking to see the wife-child appearance, but unable to refute. She was crying angry, Zhou Ying had promised her to earn money to keep the rules. Mrs. Wu talked about the South House again. It turned out that Wu Yu dismissed all her followers after her father and mother died and left. Zhou Ying heard to know that her mother will certainly get this thing to say that women should abide by the rules. In order to avoid a crumbling, she quickly went out in the name of pouring tea.

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