Anti campus bullying

Fabian posted on April 08, 2018 at 15:01

The show British Got Talented is very popular around the world, it is the original show. As it is so hot and many talented people have found their stages,its influence on other countries can’t be ignored. Last night, I saw an episode of a boy composing a song with his friend, it reminded the public of the issue of anti-bully in campus.

When the boy and his friend stood on the stage, he was so shy and he looked very nice. He told the audience that they would sing a song which was composed by himself and the judges were so looking forward to hearing it. As the boy sung, the audience sensed his miserable days in his childhood, he was bullied by the higher grade students. His friend sung the part of giving hope. The judges were so touched and they spoke highly of this inspring song.

There are always some big guys trying to control the situation, so they bully others. This behavior is condemned by the public. The one who plays the role of bad guy is actually always the one with weak heart. The movement of anti-bully in campus needs everybody to care for each other.

Hu Zhicun finally went home. He is already ragged and has a thin face. Hu Yongmei saw his father, full of distress, and rushed to the wine. In the past few months, he has not seen his daughter, and he has been tortured by the military affairs case. Hu Zhicun has some spirits. The family finally reunited, Hu Yumei and his father asked Du Mingli to come to the house to eat, and would like to thank him for his help. But Hu Zhicun was shocked and banned her from dealing with this person.
In that year, Hua Zhiyue’s twenty-seventh stills, Hu Zhicun, learned that Hu Yumei would ask Du Yueli to come home to eat and be shocked.

After burning the poppy, Zhou Ying and the apprentices shared thinking about what other business can do. She thought of cotton, but carefully calculated that there are still two thousand and two silver. Thinking of Mrs. Wu there may still be money, Zhou Ying went to find her to borrow. I can let this daughter say that the mouth is broken, and Mrs. Wu refuses to take it out.

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