Stand on the stage bravely

Fabian posted on December 13, 2017 at 20:04

Since I was very small, I was very shy in the public place, so I always avoided giving performance in front of so many people. Though I tried hard to get over it in school, I still felt uneasy in the public place. When I came to the job market, I realized that I must get over my fear, or I would lose my stage.

I still remembered the horrible experience for my first interview. Early in the morning, I got a called that I was given a chance to the job interview. I felt so excited. When I came to the company, I found there were other six young people competed with me, then I started to feel nervous. The employers asked us to sit in the round table and introduced ourselves one by one. When it was my turn, I lowed down my head and spoke in low voice. Then the employers continued to let us give speeches in the stage. I lose confidence and made the horrible performance.

This interview taught me a lesson that I must get over my fear, or I will lose chances. So I practise hard and dare to stand in the stage.

Zhou Ying thoughts are mixed, Shen star moved to visit her. When she learned that this girl was going to be Shen Tong, he was full of anxiety and took all the money in his hand and returned to Zhou Ying's life and this quiet little house. In the past Shen Xing did not move the woman so much patience, but this time is different. He felt that his own pay will be able to move this wild girl, let her admiration for themselves, and even treat each other heartily. Think of here, Shen Xing could not help laughing.

Shen Xing move their own plans and Zhou Ying said, after a step by step how to go he has a well-thought-out, as long as she returned to sink like. Did not expect Zhou Ying refused to let go of the past, but also solved their own clothes buttons, straight to lie on the bed. Now the life-saving, she did not have the ability to repay, but half discouraged desperation, half angry is generally put on his body.

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