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Fabian posted on December 15, 2017 at 13:08

Last month, I began my internship as an English teacher, I got so many challenges, it was so hard for me, but at last, I got over them all. Being a teacher is like the turning point of my life, because I find what I want to do in the future, I learn a lot, I can use these experiences to solve my future problem.

My experience which I learn from my internship is very precious, the first thing impresses me is to respect students. As for teachers, they are elder than the students, it is reasonable for the students to respect the teachers, but sometimes the teachers forget to respect the students. When the teachers respect the students can the students listen to the teachers, thus the students will respect the teacher for their hearts.

The second thing I learn from my internship is to teach the student according to their lever. Teachers are easy to let the students follow them all the time, but the fact is that many students can’t understand what the teachers say, the teachers should pay attention to the students’ feelings and adjust their plans.

These two things I learn from my internship are very useful for me to be a teacher.

After the three master was put back, one leg was lame. When he was afraid of his wife's suffering in court, he carried all his guilt on himself. Although his heart complained, after three crying, after a few words will save his heart.

Zhou Ying with the hearts of the doubt, and the two sons to discuss the matter of pawn. She knew that the encroachment of shares between brothers, or the owner was deceived by dispensers, are the most taboo business thing. In today's situation, even if there is a suspicion of sowing the relationship between the two masters and the three masters, she must also find out the cause of the death of wu hiring. After a fair and reasonable statement, the second man agreed to assist his nephew-wife.
That year blooming moon is a stills (Zhou Ying lobbied Erye help themselves)

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